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    23 May 2018
    Henry is 9 years old and has a typically developing fraternal twin. Henry has microcephaly, strabismus, is visually impaired, has mild hearing impairment, mild constipation,...
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    03 Jun 2021
    Mirriam was born at home in July 2000 and by 18 months was noticeably developmentally delayed.  Thus began an journey that wound through Dr. Ellen...
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    22 May 2018
    Lucy was born in 2011 via a planned c-section at 39 weeks after an unremarkable pregnancy. She was her mom’s third child at 39 years...
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Contribute to the day-to-day operations of the White Sutton Syndrome Foundation. While not glamorous,...
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Having a registry specifically for individuals with White-Sutton syndrome enables vetted researchers to have fast, secure access to useful medical data on many individuals with WHSUS. The more patients that are in our registry, the more attractive it is to potential researchers.

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We all have talents and abilities – put yours to work helping to find out more about WHSUS and helping those effected by this rare condition. The White Sutton Syndrome Foundation is brand new and needs everyone to pitch in. You can raise awareness by sharing about our website on social media. You can volunteer your time and talents to further its work. You can raise funds to contribute to our mission. In whatever way you can, please help!

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