A Vocal Guy

Who Loves to Sing!

Henry’s Story

Henry is 9 years old and has a typically developing fraternal twin. Henry has microcephaly, strabismus, is visually impaired, has mild hearing impairment, mild constipation, hypotonia, talipes of the left foot and short stature. Henry was born at 37 weeks and was immediately put into NICU due to feeding difficulties. He ate via an NG tube for the first year and was given a gastronomy tube at 14 months. By the time Henry was 4 he was completely orally fed, although he drank thickened liquids due to a disorganized swallow. He is non-verbal but is very vocal with his happy, singing sounds. He started walking at the age of 8. He has always had a very happy demeanor. He has global developmental delay and has complex sensory issues (very much a sensory seeker). Beginning at age 5, Henry was hospitalized with severe vomiting many times until doctors diagnosed him with abdominal migraines. They are now under control with medication.

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