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The White Sutton Syndrome Foundation exists because of people like you. While we seek and receive funding from more sources than just individual donations, the funding provided by your generosity is what makes our day-to-day operations possible. You can contribute to our general operating fund or a specific cause, donate in honor or in memory of a loved one, make a gift donation on behalf of someone, or even start your own fundraiser. Questions? Ask away!.

Specific Causes

Medical Research

6% Donated/$ 9,350 To Go
As with any medical condition, funding is needed to do research. Since WHSUS is such...
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Medical Needs

1% Donated/$ 9,900 To Go
Treating WHSUS can be expensive and isn’t always covered by insurance. Your donation will help...
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1% Donated/$ 9,900 To Go
We organize an annual conference called White Sutton Together. At this event, those with WHSUS...
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